Just wow. Lost a friend because I think the dresses that Michelle has wore over the years are ugly. It has nothing to do with her or her husband or any other political bullshit. 

I just find a lot of the dresses she wore to be ugly. 

They’d be ugly on anyone but yet, he attacked me saying it was my hatred for her and my political stance. Also, had the audacity to say “afford or fit” – when I told him that if I could afford it I’d be a label whore. This is the truth. 

Fuck outta here with the fit crap, if I had money, my shit would be custom fitted. 

Just in shock, that he honestly believes that. It’s like dude, you don’t know me. We don’t hang out anymore. That ended when Mandy (his sister) moved to New Jersey. 

Honestly it has me upset too. 

Fit, fat, afford, can’t afford – the dresses were ugly to me.