ladies and tires

ladies can do this too

 I’m going to be completely honest now. I’m sick and tired of seeing young people and a lot of ladies that can’t change a tire or know how to check their oil.

Ladies, this trend has got to stop. You really need to learn how to simple maintenance yourself but since we know some of you are never going to do it..

While I love my best friend to death; I want to cause physical harm to her daughters at times. Neither girl and I say girl because of their lack of know how on how to do any thing when it comes to their vehicle.

One claims she did listen to mom when MOM changed her daughter’s fucking oil. Not a problem with that but the daughter had a boyfriend at the time; that couldn’t even plug a tire! I’m not even sure that idiot could change a tire let alone doing anything more than starting it and driving it.

But what started this post is one had a “blow out” last night and guess who got woke up an hour after they went to sleep. Yep, you got it! I DID! I was gonna go get one of my friend’s daughter in a town over because she forgot to put her spare back into her truck from when she was with this one guy. The guy wouldn’t bring her the spare and jack. I didn’t have to go but the mere fact that I go woke up for this is ridiculous.

Not only that, I’m probably going to have to leave work early tomorrow to get the truck in the first place. So, my friend or myself will have to change the tire for her!

I can change my own tires, oil and brakes. I have the MAN I’m fucking do it because he’s quicker at it than me but I can do it!

Let’s not mention that my “friend” changed out the brakes and rotor on this truck in question and plug the tire of the other sister’s vehicle. All because these girls are giving their vaginas out to little boys who can’t do these simple tasks.

Tonight at work, there’s a 25 year old man who can’t do these tasks himself. SMDH!

SO LADIES, pay attention to me. You know you can’t afford a mechanic and you’re too lazy to learn. Then fuck a man who can and will be willing to help you out.
What are they going to do when something happens to their mother and I ? What if I become pregnant and can’t help them all the time? They gonna throw their hands up in the air and run a way? SO YES girls! If you’re not willing to learn simple life skills – then market your pussy the right way!

The sad thing of this all – is my “friend” is a crack addicted drunk that I can count on more than any sober man I’ve ever met and seems to be everyone these girls know!


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