Hangovers are horrible

Hangovers are horrible!

Hangovers are quite possibly one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. A lot of us have done it. The only thing is;  I only really get tore up once every ten years and then I’m quickly reminded why I couldn’t be an alcoholic!

So, I decided to get drunk on a small portion of Jack Daniels, one of those 1 dollar bottles of fireball and then the rest was vodka! This was quite easily one of my worst hangovers ever!

It’s times like these that every drunken fool won’t believe a damn thing that is told them the next day. I only remember bits and pieces of it. I remember driving to my friend’s house to take him back to my house and he had just left the hour before.

Anyway, he made me get in the passenger seat. He being Diablo; fucker refused to let me drive home because he said it would be better for him to go to jail than me.

While I can’t share all the details of the night; I do remember laying on the dirt and I thought that part was a damn dream.

In my poor twisted my mind, I decided to go outside to vomit all of myself. So, in all this intelligent thinking, there I threw my clothes off as well. There I laid on the dirt or possibly collapsed next to my dog. My poor dog, he has seen some shit in his day!

Of the two biggest drunks in my life; only one of them got to witness what went down with me that night. Sad thing how my friend cares more about me than what these girls friend’s do. My one child could have possibly killed herself the other night for drunk driving. Brat got real goddamn lucky, only a scraped up fender and a flat tire. However, it was myself and my friend with the means and the know how to fix her flat tire.

Kudos to her sister’s friend who did give them a jack but it was a jack for a PT Cruiser not a pick up for which the drunk sister drives. In all of the people that went there before myself and my friend – none of them realized that a damn jack for a PT Cruiser would not work on GMC Sierra.

If you’re looking for the best cure for hangovers; this is what I have to share with you. Water does not work, I repeat water does not work. All the water did was make puke more of nothing, I ended up ordering pizza from Dominos. The greasy, cheesey greatness of a pan pizza solved all my hangover problems!

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