I enjoy taking photos of everything. Rather those photos be of myself, the sky, my dog or my friend hanging with my grandbabies. So, take for instance, the first photo here. I used the snapchat app to take this photo, so of course, my skin looks flawless and and my lips look perfect as well! LOL Far from my make up skills! Anyway, the shades though, I love those shades. Those shades are awesome and I want them. Thanks a lot snapchat for either your vivid imagination or no shoutout to the makers!

As for the wonder woman panties photo. I so feel like I’m suppose to be wonder woman to some people and which some days, it’s quite nice that people perceive me is the savior of mankind but other days, it’s just down right exhausting. Right now, I’m setting here scared to death that my best friend’s grandbabies from one child is going to be taken by CPS because she wants to act a fool and not listen to anyone. Luckily, she has said that they could go with her mother until she’s done being a fool.

Listen ladies who are single with kids, drugs are bad! They can cause you to lose your children for good and if you love your children, you probably want to keep them babies. So instead of turning to drugs. Take more photos, take walks with the kids or something. Just because you’re hurting, doesn’t mean destroy their small fragile lives.



Pictures - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Panties

I just hope the visit from CPS is enough to wake her up and forces her to change her ways. Fingers are crossed that my friend comes up with the money to get to Texas to get the babies because lord knows, I don’t have it. If I did, I would have already sent it. If the strip clubs had chunk and roll night, I’d be there tonight getting that money together.

Again, I went off subject but it’s been boiling my blood since I woke up. I will be so angry if these kids end up in foster homes. I have friends that had dealt with that shit when they were younger – not all but a lot were not good environments.

It’s so sad, that the good ones get grouped in with the bad because all they want to do is help a child. From my experience with friends that have had to be in them, the bad outnumbers the good.