Prick Love

Love is a many prickly thing.


I saw this the other day and I thought to myself “that’s it, that explains love best.”. Crazy how I saw this image after I stop talking to Diablo again. This makes like 4,000th time this year; I don’t know really, I lost count. Maybe, it’s a sign – telling me to stop fucking with the prick despite the love I have for him. Seems more and more lately that’s its about him but he always tries to lay blame on me It but that’s what drug addicts and drunks do. They blame someone else for their short comings and failures in life.  It could never possibly be them, right? SmileyThat would mean they’re doing something wrong and they’re never wrong because it’s just that no one understands what they’re going through.

There are a ton of NOs in my life, right? Let’s see if I can match up some of the bullshit that would coincide with some of the shit I’ve heard from drunks and drug addicts that I just don’t understand. Molestation, not close to at least one parent, grandparents passing, and having people use me in general. Yeah, none of that made me the person I am today. OH wait, I was molested by my uncle, I rarely talk to my dad, neither grandparent is alive and just about every dumbass I’ve come in contact lately has used me. Although, the last is probably my fault because I’m not good with picking out a good dude. I’ve dated all across the board and I always end up with a scum bag. So, obviously, there’s something wrong me to a degree but damn, it can’t all be me. I don’t ask for money, I don’t sleep around, I for the most part take care of myself.  Maybe, I put too much love into something and smother it. I don’t know.

Diablo has sworn off any future relationships because of the way he is. On the other hand, he doesn’t want to be left alone most of the time. He ends up surrounding himself with useless fuckers that use him. Maybe, that’s karma’s constant ass kicking for all the abuse he’s shown towards other people.  No more kids are allowed to be born because of him and he’ll never be in a relationship ever again. Sounds like someone fucked him over good. Granted, a large portion of that wall is him protecting whatever woman he’s screwing over at the time. Do what you want he says. Let him find out the girl is hanging with another dude and the jealousy comes out.

He just showed jealousy over some guy I work with; the guy is damn near SIXTY!  One way ticket to get me hot and bothered! One, eww, I can’t even imagine doing anything with him. Two, the blackheads are the size of pencil erasers. BARF! Yeah, I want to get up all on that. GROSS! The guy is indeed my friend but that’s it. I just can’t imagine doing anything else other than bullshitting with him. So yeah, Diablo if you read this, seek professional help for your grand delusions.


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