I felt like crap most of the day, felt tired and ran down. Of course, it probably had something to do with the damn stress from yesterdays events. Was gonna go have a coke or a coffee with a friend but I blew it off. Now, I’m wide the fuck awake and doing a blog post at 1 in the morning. Oh wait; is that 2 AM sneaking up on me. Now I set and wait for so me pictures to come through to my email from my phone. Don’t judge my weirdness. lol GO ahead, I don’t care.

So, I’m gonna include some¬†pictures I took yesterday and some within the last year.
Pictures - Diablo Butterfly

One of many pictures I’ve taken of insects but this is by far my favorite.

The picture of the butterfly was taken at Diablo’s place last year when I was his employee or I should say I was the damn CEO. I answered the phone calls, I talked to the clients and still went to location with him. He has the skills, I have the clerical know how to create personalized receipts, t-shirt designs and all that in crap but I was useless.

Anyway, this little guy landed on his fence and caught my eye. I had to take a picture and the crazy thing is – here lately all I see are butterflies. It’s fucking crazy.

During the bullshit going on with the CPS; a butterfly landed in my ear! Weirdest shit ever but I know it’s those girls nana trying to tell me something but I don’t know what.







Pictures - Chem Trail.

Picture of the sky after a plane went through the clouds – leaving it’s streak across the sky.

I took this picture yesterday while outside talking to my friend’s stepdad about the current situation at hand. I also took an picture of a cacti and let me tell you, it’s amazing! However, I’m saving that one for a different post because it’s oh so fitting!



















Rocky – I have no idea what he is but I do not believe what I was told of Min Pin and Chihuahua.

Last but definitely not least, a picture of my Rocky. Loser keeps my days going and sometimes my nights. I cant forget the drunken night I decided to throw up all over myself, strip naked and lay on the ground with my dog.