Personal ATM

I love these girls to death but one of ’em is on the constant that I’m her personal atm. Look I’ll help you out for a bit but once I tell you the well has gone dry don’t ask two days later if you can have money. The answer will remain – your personal atm is going to deny your request for funds. I’m broke. No more cash and I still have over 200 dollars worth of bills to deal with. So, please tell me how I can make your life better.

Please, tell me but the answer will remain the same – INSUFFICIENT FUNDS!
It doesn’t matter how many days pass but I can no longer be your personal ATM. Do not feel bad about it and do not get mad at me about it. I’ve given you plenty of money over the past month and the gas is gone within two days. So, this only tells me you’re fucking around in the vehicle and not doing what you need to do. So no, I will not hand you anymore money. Get your shit together, take care of your kids and be happy. Do not let anyone dictate your happiness anymore and keep you down.
I want us all to succeed but I guess it’s gonna have to start with me. It’s time to get serious with my savings and become a dick about things. I hate not being able to help them but I got bills too.

It’s very frustrating when everyone comes to you to fix their problems and I only have one person I can rely financially when I need help. If she has it, it’s mine and if I have it, it’s hers. That girl is my sister not my friend, dna be damned – I can’t rely on family like I can Cris. If it wasn’t for sister; I’d go absolutely fucking insane. I wish I could help more, I’m trying to help keep her place but I want to be able to help her more because she needs it but I’m too damn busy helping her grown kids here. It’s a constant aggravation with me.

Do not take this as I feel burdened by it, it just gets to me at times.


It’s a Reba McEntire type of day for me, listening to the CD Love Somebody


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