Nike shoes are the best.

I am far from a Nike fangirl but I use to wear New Balance, Sketchers and numerous others. Before a year was up my feet would be killing me and I’d chalk it up to I needed new shoes. Just recently threw away my first pair of Nikes because the soles were falling off of ’em A lot of love for them damn shoes but I had to get another pair. It was time. Although, I had a second pair, I liked the first ones the best.

I go through Academy each time I buy a pair of Nike’s, no different from this last time. I bought the ones in the picture. These were on sale but I’m considered cheap because I don’t pay 300 dollars for a pair of shoes. It’s not that, I wouldn’t. It’s that I’m a responsible adult for the most part and I pay my bills first.

Yes, they cost me 60$ but if anyone wants me to have 200$ Nikes, then they need to donate me a pair or leave me alone. I could still be asking you and my mama to rub my feet every day! Just set back and be grateful that the expensive ones you had that I wore one day made my feet fall in love with Nike.

Anyway, went on a tangent for a bit, didn’t I? Gained my first pair of bliss 3 years ago. Would have kept wearing them had I not came up with enough money for new ones.

Being able to put on a pair of shoes and not have to break them in, is freaking amazing. So, I guess the old adage goes – don’t knock it till you try it.

Okay, that’s a damn lie, I am not ever trying menudo.

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