Loyalty is not blood.

loyalty is not always blood…



LOYALTY is something so many people I know can not grasp the concept of. Something, some of my non-blood family has got to learn. More than once I’ve had to tell my best friend’s brother to leave the premises because he nor some of the other family members or their friends will listen. I have to make them leave. My best friend does not want certain people here and I respect that.

So, I cant possibly understand why her family is going against her. The property is in her name; it’s hers. You may or may not be paying rent but it doesn’t make you the owner either way. It’s bad when one of children is now showing more loyalty to users and non-friend motherfuckers than her mother. Your mother is why you have a place to live. MOTHER paid the back rent that your useless uncle MPTC¬†couldn’t be bothered to pay.

Show us your loyalty and you won’t get yelled at. Respect what she wants and there will be no problems. It doesn’t matter if your money may or may not go towards the monthly payment, you are a renter!

This would be no different if she had someone else living in that house; they would have to abide by the same rules. Just because you’re blood doesn’t mean you get to run all over her.

As for the doped up brother I had to tell to get out of here – you’ve stolen from her and from your own mother. *God Rest Her Soul* You have never given anyone a reason to believe a damn thing you have said. It always ends the same, with you strung the fuck out and the law looking for you.

To tell me, I’m not family; FUCK YOU. It was your sister, your step-dad and myself helping mom out while she was still here in Texas. It was your two sisters and your step-dad taking care of her in Tennessee. So, don’t tell me I’m not family, I watched that woman go from a spry blunt lady to a fragile shell of what she once was. WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?!?!

So, needless to say; you’re welcomed to go fuck yourself!

J – Shut the fuck up! I have no respect for you, I’m only nice because the girls grew up with you. End of the line. When M was shit faced drunk, you couldn’t handle it. I’m the one that stayed up, went and checked on her. Explained to her why D had taken off and had to answer where you were. I dealt with her, you didn’t! Yet, here you are, again. I wonder why that is; I think it may have something to do with, M’s a better friend than you are.

How long before you tuck tail and run again?

New entire post is brewing inside of my head right now because something all of you here on this property do not get or understand. Your mother, sister or your friend’s mom understand it bit you guys do not.