Italian Food

Italian Food.

I love all sorts of food and that’s why certain people *cough*diablo*cough* gets away with a lot of stuff. Well the grandbabies loving him too helps. Diablo can cook up some Italian – yeah, he has to half ass it because I’m poor but he does cook whatever I ask for. Of course, for him, being an amazing Italian cooks come from a grandmother that taught him how to cook. My grandmother taught me how to bake. Want some snickerdoodles? I’m your person.

Want a gourmet meal? Ask Diablo to cook for you and of course, the prison stint helped with the gourmet cooking of Ramen Noodles.

Anyway, while I was looking at blogs. I noticed the most mouth watering food pictures I’ve come across in a while.

Food Artist

Link to LavenderandLoveage


It’s from a lady between North Yorkshire and SW France named Karen. The picture she has for Spanish Chorizo and Sweet Pepper Rice is absolutely delicious looking.  So, I urge you to take a glance at her site and add it to your bookmarks. When I’m freed up with some bills, I’m gonna be trying out some recipes that she has posted. OMG, I wandered off from the writing of this post and noticed the Italian Calzone she has posted.

I wish I would have found this site yesterday; totally would have told the Italian/Spanish person to make me calzones. Haven’t had one in a long time and they don’t count. They came from Pizza Hut!

Back to Lavender and Loveage, lots of beautiful pictures of food and lots of recipes. Everything I have looked at looks just yummy. I want to try it all. Even if it has asparagus in it, the presentation makes it look inviting and enticing.

As always – listening to music. Listening to some Brooks and Dunn right now.


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