F150’s air compressor went to hell one me a few weeks ago and since I lay my head in Texas brought me to the point of shaving my head. No, it wasn’t enough for the truck that I replaced the engine last year, the ball joints, tie rod ends and something else. I had to replace the transmission this year, a rotor ( no biggie) and now this has kicked me in the face. Not to mention, I replaced the spider webbed cracked windshield at the beginning of the year as well. Yeah, that wasn’t well enough for it. I guess.

The F150 seems to determine what way I’m going with life as of late. She actually let me attend a Bret Michaels show this year, I was shocked. I figured something was gonna happen before the show got here but I got to go. I do however think the transmission went out a month later, well the reverse band did anyways. Since my mechanic would work with me, I  opted for having him change it out instead of just replacing the band because he let me take my F150 after he was done and let me pay him out.

That’s why it’s fantastic to take your vehicle to the same person unless it’s mundane shit you can do yourself. My best friend changes the brakes, rotors and oil for me. I keep fluids going, lights in check and replaced the stop light switch myself.

While I was at work, some schmuck asked me if a friend changed the stop light switch out!  I was like WTF did you ask me? Are you serious? Did someone guy change it out? No, I did the shit myself, buddy! It’s under the dash board for crying out loud!

OH yeah, my heater core went out last year too! Holy crap, my F150 does hate me!

So, about my hair now.

I first got a Mohawk back in March I think it was, maybe it was February and because of the compressor going out – I decided to shave my head. So, my gravatar pic is probably about 4 years ago. I can’t make up my mind now, if I want REALLY long hair or keep it short. I’m digging the bald look because of the lack of hair care that goes into it. My friend C didn’t’ like the idea of me shaving my head at all nor did my mother but I don’t care about all that jizz jazz. The one that truly took me by surprise was my “best friend” who said it was sexy as fuck and that he now understood why women love guys with shaved heads.

Guys it’s the way it feels when it’s growing back. I love that feeling when I run my hand over a shaved dude’s head.

EllaFord F150 2008

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