Drowning Me Slowly

Drowning me Slowly

Drowning me slowly was the name of my old blog on the old .com url that I can no longer have because I don’t have 900 dollars to shell out for it. Maybe in the future, I do not know. Anyway, I really wanted to stick with Ella’s World but alas, there are way too many blogs with that name!

Drowning me slowly was and still is my life but I really wanted Ella’s World. Oh well, I guess that’s what happens, sometimes.
So, yeah – I did a name switch because of the realization of the multiple sites named Ella’s World!

And in completely random news, if anybody notices two pictures displaying horizontal instead of vertical. I have no idea why, they look fine on Microsoft Edge but look like crap on Safari on iPhone and Chrome on my laptop. I always multi view browsers for compatibility.