Diablo 2016




If any of you fools ever stumble across this and if I haven’t gotten in your face about this. This is something you need to learn, right now for good. Diablo is loyalty! Does not matter how we’re fighting, how much he sucks at the moment. If I need him in a way that I can’t help myself; he’s here. I just have to show up at the door and yes, the level of drug use depends on how he will react. I know this and understand that. HOWEVER, if I question him on anything, he doesn’t lie!

I asked about the doped up brother saying he’s been knowing Diablo for a while and that he’s a good dude. D told me he saw him on the south side and that dopey wanted a ride. So, you seen him at the mobile home we all use to live at. You saw him once on the south side and another time with me. Rest of the times have been here at the fucked up compound. That doesn’t make you two fucking homies and give D a reason to lie to me.

Same goes for him being in the damn house, he asked if ya needed help L. You twisted what it was and I’m not surprised there. Quit talking shit about him. He’s the one helping you fuckers out. A bunch of who questions come to mind like. Who did the following? Plugged a tire, changed a rotor and brake pads, popped a tire back onto the rim with power steering fluid***. Almost forgot, took the fucked up wheel well trim off. Let me think about that for a second.

OH FUCK, that’s right, that was my friend.

Talk shit about me, I don’t care, go ahead. You can’t ask the fucker anything on your own unless I had already mentioned it. Everything that goes on with y’alls vehicles comes from me, not anyone else. No one else can ask for him help.

Diablo’s honest to a default about shit, I know shit about him that I wish to God, I didn’t. Some of the shit he could have taken to the motherfucking grave. I didn’t need to know. Save the very violent stories of being a drug dealer for someone else.

Point being, don’t lie to me about him. HE always tells me what’s up; either in a nice manner or an “I’m going to fucking kill you, if you don’t get out of my face.” manner.

Diablo will never try to sleep with any of you girls. You all have kids, it’s out the damn question. Besides all that, you’re all too young for him. His stupid cousin tried to hook up with one of y’alls roommates, he told him no. Then told me the story.  I can ask him which high he’s on at the moment. He tells me – either weed or crack high. I can’t always tell over the phone which one it is. I asked him tonight on the phone because I didn’t understand the gibberish he sent me through txt. He told me weed and that’s what I thought it was. Of course, I know, had it been crack. He wouldn’t have ever answered the damn phone, let alone return the phone call. If he’s coming down, he’ll respond sometimes.


QUIT thinking he’s going to lie to me.