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Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Is there any other way?

Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll

Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll

Sex, drugs and rock n roll pretty much sums up my life the past three years. Well, more like sex, drugs and music because I listen to everything as does he. I’m the sex and music. Diablo’s all three and while I believed for the moment that telling him to fuck off was for the best. Quickly realized I was being emotional because I haven’t went to the store to get my birth control pills.

I was so ready to be done with him but I came to a crashing reality that he’s treats me better than any dude around. It’s not just about sex either. We feed each other, keep each other sane and piss each other off just like any other best friends do. Except we fuck.

I talked to my vagina having best friend and she was telling me what our other friend was going through at work. It made me appreciate Diablo all the much more. Cris was telling me that the woman our friend takes care of is dying and that her husband of 30 years comes home and will be pissed off because she’s sleeping.  Then she also mention that the poor lady has to lay in her own feces until our friend gets there of a morning because her husband doesn’t check on her. That just sucks! I feel so bad for the lady. When I was sick; my crack addicted best friend took care of me for two weeks and this man has been with this lady for 30 years. How is it a crack addicted drunk can show more respect and care for someone than a man that has been married for 30 years?

Maybe Diablo feels more for me than he lets on, I do not know. Call me gullible, stupid or what have you. I’m just simply not ready to give him up.

Diablo goes out with me in public, doesn’t hide away from me and has no issue making it abundantly clear that he’s my best friend. Threatened his family; if they disrespect me. I’ve talked some other girls to where their “friend with benefits” won’t even hang out with them in daylight! I was like what did you just say. That’s crazy and disrespectful to me. That would have landed Diablo in the go fuck yourself category and he knows this. I also feel bad for a friend that is currently going through that. Beautiful and amazing mom, but he doesn’t want to be seen in daylight hours with her. Hell no! Yeah, there have been guys in the past, that I wish I wouldn’t have ever brought out in daylight but I did it anyways.

Do not have sex with your friend, if they cant be seen with you during the damn day. What kind of friend is that anyways?

However, if you’re both good with the on the low low, then do your thang! Just make sure all parties involved are on the same page or it’s a recipe for disaster.



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Hangovers suck worse than anything I can think of.

Hangovers are horrible

Hangovers are horrible!

Hangovers are quite possibly one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. A lot of us have done it. The only thing is;  I only really get tore up once every ten years and then I’m quickly reminded why I couldn’t be an alcoholic!

So, I decided to get drunk on a small portion of Jack Daniels, one of those 1 dollar bottles of fireball and then the rest was vodka! This was quite easily one of my worst hangovers ever!

It’s times like these that every drunken fool won’t believe a damn thing that is told them the next day. I only remember bits and pieces of it. I remember driving to my friend’s house to take him back to my house and he had just left the hour before.

Anyway, he made me get in the passenger seat. He being Diablo; fucker refused to let me drive home because he said it would be better for him to go to jail than me.

While I can’t share all the details of the night; I do remember laying on the dirt and I thought that part was a damn dream.

In my poor twisted my mind, I decided to go outside to vomit all of myself. So, in all this intelligent thinking, there I threw my clothes off as well. There I laid on the dirt or possibly collapsed next to my dog. My poor dog, he has seen some shit in his day!

Of the two biggest drunks in my life; only one of them got to witness what went down with me that night. Sad thing how my friend cares more about me than what these girls friend’s do. My one child could have possibly killed herself the other night for drunk driving. Brat got real goddamn lucky, only a scraped up fender and a flat tire. However, it was myself and my friend with the means and the know how to fix her flat tire.

Kudos to her sister’s friend who did give them a jack but it was a jack for a PT Cruiser not a pick up for which the drunk sister drives. In all of the people that went there before myself and my friend – none of them realized that a damn jack for a PT Cruiser would not work on GMC Sierra.

If you’re looking for the best cure for hangovers; this is what I have to share with you. Water does not work, I repeat water does not work. All the water did was make puke more of nothing, I ended up ordering pizza from Dominos. The greasy, cheesey greatness of a pan pizza solved all my hangover problems!

#Hangovers #Vodka #Dominos



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Drugs aren’t good kids, find something else to do with your time.

drugs are bad

drugs are mad, mmkay?

Drugs are bad, kids. I’ve never been a junkie, I can’t even remember to take my damn birth control pill. I could never become addicted to something that cost so much money. NEVER. Money is my friend, money makes my life easier. The CRACK ADDICTED person I fell for, is what makes it hard at times.
What the fuck is I’m sure what some of you are thinking. I question on my own sanity, too.

For his own safety and privacy, I’m just gonna call him Diablo. Diablo is well versed in many things auto mechanics, Hazmat and he was a lineman back home. A lineman for those that don’t know are the crazy fuckers that climb electric poles for a living. As well as other things. Extremely intelligent man wasting his skills on crack. The sad thing is the amount of money he put out last year – his drug dealer should be doing good. For the most part, he lives better than she does!

I met Diablo through his cousin and couldn’t stand him the first day I met him. I’ll admit it, I sometimes wish I could go back and not stay at my friend’s house with him there. However, for some stupid reason, I now believe there’s a reason I met him. Weird, I know but what can I say.

It was a rather weird subject to bring up to him when I was talking about my online blog and I told him, my best content would be about him. I know damn well I’m not the only dummy that fell for a drug addict. I know I’m not gonna be the last.

The one thing that does make him different from other drug addicts I’ve known in the past is that he’s never stolen anything from me. Quarters don’t count, I still have my xbox, my laptop – he doesn’t take my money. He prefers working for his drugs and I don’t even think he bothers stealing from people he doesn’t know for the shit. Coming close to 40 does slow shit down, I guess. If he was in his 20’s, he’d probably just rob his drug dealers.

The part I struggle with the most is that I’m “suppose” to not care about “dirty people that do drugs, those people are losers”.  Drug users are the most disgusting people on the face of the earth is what I was taught. Everyone automatically thinks the worse for a crack addict and what they portray on t.v is not the man I know. The shit they portray on tv is a METH addict or at least, that’s what I’ve experienced.

This man waited on me hand and foot when I couldn’t work for two weeks because of my period. He drove me to the hospital, followed a damn ambulance.Diablo didn’t stay at the hospital because he would have been kicked out once he saw that they weren’t going to help me. He cooked, he cleaned and a few times had to help me walk to the bathroom.

Yet, I’m suppose to not care because of what he is. It’s a hard thing to do when the person that comes to your rescue is the one person people say stay away from.


To be continued……..

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