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Verizon Wireless losing money. Oh! the tragedy of it all!

verizon wireless

Verizon Wireless


My cellphone provider is Verizon Wireless, I’ve been a loyal customer since 2010 or so. I doubt I’ll change anytime soon but it would be nice to see these fuckers go back to offering UNLIMITED data! Take my unlimited calling; just give me mobile to mobile for up 10 numbers. That’s it and that’s all. I don’t need unlimited minutes to talk to people; shit, I’ll make a motherfucker get on yahoo messenger! I’d rather have unlimited data for the 300$ I spend a month. Oh wait, that pay out plan for the iPhone 7 is part of that problem, but whatever.

Point being is, it was Alltel before Verizon Wireless bought my beloved Alltel out, I had unlimited data. I’ve always only had to talk to a hand full of people. I don’t need unlimited minutes now or anytime in the future. Really, why can’t you bastards just offer unlimited everything?!? Quit acting like y’all are putting out huge sums of money for server space, you can create your own. Your fault if you want to barter with cable companies for downloading. Thank god, my shit goes through Cableone now instead of suddenlink.

Anyway, yeah, so they lost money this quarter. Are you shocked? When T-Mobile started offering UNLIMITED DATA. What was that? Oh yeah, unlimited data! Let me find out my friend switches to unlimited data, I’m stealing his phone because I’m locked down until my phone is paid off!

I’m tempted to drop you bastards, the only strangle hold you fucks have over me is my mom and best friend are on my account. Otherwise, I would have probably went to T-Mobile my damn self!

Get with the times, no body wants to talk to each other. Shit, you got motherfuckers breaking up through text and not in person. That’s some crazy shit, right there. I am old fashion in that sense, you better do that shit to my face.


To read more about Verizon Wireless’s misery :

Diablo is loyatly, even if I want to hurt him part of the time.

Diablo 2016




If any of you fools ever stumble across this and if I haven’t gotten in your face about this. This is something you need to learn, right now for good. Diablo is loyalty! Does not matter how we’re fighting, how much he sucks at the moment. If I need him in a way that I can’t help myself; he’s here. I just have to show up at the door and yes, the level of drug use depends on how he will react. I know this and understand that. HOWEVER, if I question him on anything, he doesn’t lie!

I asked about the doped up brother saying he’s been knowing Diablo for a while and that he’s a good dude. D told me he saw him on the south side and that dopey wanted a ride. So, you seen him at the mobile home we all use to live at. You saw him once on the south side and another time with me. Rest of the times have been here at the fucked up compound. That doesn’t make you two fucking homies and give D a reason to lie to me.

Same goes for him being in the damn house, he asked if ya needed help L. You twisted what it was and I’m not surprised there. Quit talking shit about him. He’s the one helping you fuckers out. A bunch of who questions come to mind like. Who did the following? Plugged a tire, changed a rotor and brake pads, popped a tire back onto the rim with power steering fluid***. Almost forgot, took the fucked up wheel well trim off. Let me think about that for a second.

OH FUCK, that’s right, that was my friend.

Talk shit about me, I don’t care, go ahead. You can’t ask the fucker anything on your own unless I had already mentioned it. Everything that goes on with y’alls vehicles comes from me, not anyone else. No one else can ask for him help.

Diablo’s honest to a default about shit, I know shit about him that I wish to God, I didn’t. Some of the shit he could have taken to the motherfucking grave. I didn’t need to know. Save the very violent stories of being a drug dealer for someone else.

Point being, don’t lie to me about him. HE always tells me what’s up; either in a nice manner or an “I’m going to fucking kill you, if you don’t get out of my face.” manner.

Diablo will never try to sleep with any of you girls. You all have kids, it’s out the damn question. Besides all that, you’re all too young for him. His stupid cousin tried to hook up with one of y’alls roommates, he told him no. Then told me the story.  I can ask him which high he’s on at the moment. He tells me – either weed or crack high. I can’t always tell over the phone which one it is. I asked him tonight on the phone because I didn’t understand the gibberish he sent me through txt. He told me weed and that’s what I thought it was. Of course, I know, had it been crack. He wouldn’t have ever answered the damn phone, let alone return the phone call. If he’s coming down, he’ll respond sometimes.


QUIT thinking he’s going to lie to me.

Loyalty is gained through respect not given because of blood.

Loyalty is not blood.

loyalty is not always blood…



LOYALTY is something so many people I know can not grasp the concept of. Something, some of my non-blood family has got to learn. More than once I’ve had to tell my best friend’s brother to leave the premises because he nor some of the other family members or their friends will listen. I have to make them leave. My best friend does not want certain people here and I respect that.

So, I cant possibly understand why her family is going against her. The property is in her name; it’s hers. You may or may not be paying rent but it doesn’t make you the owner either way. It’s bad when one of children is now showing more loyalty to users and non-friend motherfuckers than her mother. Your mother is why you have a place to live. MOTHER paid the back rent that your useless uncle MPTC couldn’t be bothered to pay.

Show us your loyalty and you won’t get yelled at. Respect what she wants and there will be no problems. It doesn’t matter if your money may or may not go towards the monthly payment, you are a renter!

This would be no different if she had someone else living in that house; they would have to abide by the same rules. Just because you’re blood doesn’t mean you get to run all over her.

As for the doped up brother I had to tell to get out of here – you’ve stolen from her and from your own mother. *God Rest Her Soul* You have never given anyone a reason to believe a damn thing you have said. It always ends the same, with you strung the fuck out and the law looking for you.

To tell me, I’m not family; FUCK YOU. It was your sister, your step-dad and myself helping mom out while she was still here in Texas. It was your two sisters and your step-dad taking care of her in Tennessee. So, don’t tell me I’m not family, I watched that woman go from a spry blunt lady to a fragile shell of what she once was. WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?!?!

So, needless to say; you’re welcomed to go fuck yourself!

J – Shut the fuck up! I have no respect for you, I’m only nice because the girls grew up with you. End of the line. When M was shit faced drunk, you couldn’t handle it. I’m the one that stayed up, went and checked on her. Explained to her why D had taken off and had to answer where you were. I dealt with her, you didn’t! Yet, here you are, again. I wonder why that is; I think it may have something to do with, M’s a better friend than you are.

How long before you tuck tail and run again?

New entire post is brewing inside of my head right now because something all of you here on this property do not get or understand. Your mother, sister or your friend’s mom understand it bit you guys do not.





Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Is there any other way?

Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll

Sex Drugs and Rock n Roll

Sex, drugs and rock n roll pretty much sums up my life the past three years. Well, more like sex, drugs and music because I listen to everything as does he. I’m the sex and music. Diablo’s all three and while I believed for the moment that telling him to fuck off was for the best. Quickly realized I was being emotional because I haven’t went to the store to get my birth control pills.

I was so ready to be done with him but I came to a crashing reality that he’s treats me better than any dude around. It’s not just about sex either. We feed each other, keep each other sane and piss each other off just like any other best friends do. Except we fuck.

I talked to my vagina having best friend and she was telling me what our other friend was going through at work. It made me appreciate Diablo all the much more. Cris was telling me that the woman our friend takes care of is dying and that her husband of 30 years comes home and will be pissed off because she’s sleeping.  Then she also mention that the poor lady has to lay in her own feces until our friend gets there of a morning because her husband doesn’t check on her. That just sucks! I feel so bad for the lady. When I was sick; my crack addicted best friend took care of me for two weeks and this man has been with this lady for 30 years. How is it a crack addicted drunk can show more respect and care for someone than a man that has been married for 30 years?

Maybe Diablo feels more for me than he lets on, I do not know. Call me gullible, stupid or what have you. I’m just simply not ready to give him up.

Diablo goes out with me in public, doesn’t hide away from me and has no issue making it abundantly clear that he’s my best friend. Threatened his family; if they disrespect me. I’ve talked some other girls to where their “friend with benefits” won’t even hang out with them in daylight! I was like what did you just say. That’s crazy and disrespectful to me. That would have landed Diablo in the go fuck yourself category and he knows this. I also feel bad for a friend that is currently going through that. Beautiful and amazing mom, but he doesn’t want to be seen in daylight hours with her. Hell no! Yeah, there have been guys in the past, that I wish I wouldn’t have ever brought out in daylight but I did it anyways.

Do not have sex with your friend, if they cant be seen with you during the damn day. What kind of friend is that anyways?

However, if you’re both good with the on the low low, then do your thang! Just make sure all parties involved are on the same page or it’s a recipe for disaster.



Music for the moment…



I find Okoto’s information to be very accurate and useful. When I blogged years ago, supporting others was the biggest help back then.

THE SECRET TO BEING A BETTER BLOGGER First of all, if you think others will benefit from this, reblog and share so we can help everyone. Hello everyone. Today, I’m doing something quite different from what I normally do; but to be honest, I always do different things on my blog; it makes it fun! […]


Food rules the world, baby. If you’re an amazing cook, I tend to forgive easier!

Italian Food

Italian Food.

I love all sorts of food and that’s why certain people *cough*diablo*cough* gets away with a lot of stuff. Well the grandbabies loving him too helps. Diablo can cook up some Italian – yeah, he has to half ass it because I’m poor but he does cook whatever I ask for. Of course, for him, being an amazing Italian cooks come from a grandmother that taught him how to cook. My grandmother taught me how to bake. Want some snickerdoodles? I’m your person.

Want a gourmet meal? Ask Diablo to cook for you and of course, the prison stint helped with the gourmet cooking of Ramen Noodles.

Anyway, while I was looking at blogs. I noticed the most mouth watering food pictures I’ve come across in a while.

Food Artist

Link to LavenderandLoveage


It’s from a lady between North Yorkshire and SW France named Karen. The picture she has for Spanish Chorizo and Sweet Pepper Rice is absolutely delicious looking.  So, I urge you to take a glance at her site and add it to your bookmarks. When I’m freed up with some bills, I’m gonna be trying out some recipes that she has posted. OMG, I wandered off from the writing of this post and noticed the Italian Calzone she has posted.

I wish I would have found this site yesterday; totally would have told the Italian/Spanish person to make me calzones. Haven’t had one in a long time and they don’t count. They came from Pizza Hut!

Back to Lavender and Loveage, lots of beautiful pictures of food and lots of recipes. Everything I have looked at looks just yummy. I want to try it all. Even if it has asparagus in it, the presentation makes it look inviting and enticing.

As always – listening to music. Listening to some Brooks and Dunn right now.


#FoodLove #BlogLove #Recipes #FatGirlProblems

Personal ATM is not me, kids. Get jobs or a sugar daddy.


Personal ATM

I love these girls to death but one of ’em is on the constant that I’m her personal atm. Look I’ll help you out for a bit but once I tell you the well has gone dry don’t ask two days later if you can have money. The answer will remain – your personal atm is going to deny your request for funds. I’m broke. No more cash and I still have over 200 dollars worth of bills to deal with. So, please tell me how I can make your life better.

Please, tell me but the answer will remain the same – INSUFFICIENT FUNDS!
It doesn’t matter how many days pass but I can no longer be your personal ATM. Do not feel bad about it and do not get mad at me about it. I’ve given you plenty of money over the past month and the gas is gone within two days. So, this only tells me you’re fucking around in the vehicle and not doing what you need to do. So no, I will not hand you anymore money. Get your shit together, take care of your kids and be happy. Do not let anyone dictate your happiness anymore and keep you down.
I want us all to succeed but I guess it’s gonna have to start with me. It’s time to get serious with my savings and become a dick about things. I hate not being able to help them but I got bills too.

It’s very frustrating when everyone comes to you to fix their problems and I only have one person I can rely financially when I need help. If she has it, it’s mine and if I have it, it’s hers. That girl is my sister not my friend, dna be damned – I can’t rely on family like I can Cris. If it wasn’t for sister; I’d go absolutely fucking insane. I wish I could help more, I’m trying to help keep her place but I want to be able to help her more because she needs it but I’m too damn busy helping her grown kids here. It’s a constant aggravation with me.

Do not take this as I feel burdened by it, it just gets to me at times.


It’s a Reba McEntire type of day for me, listening to the CD Love Somebody


#Jobs #InsufficientFunds #StackThisPaper

Nike is the only shoe for me from now on.


Nike shoes are the best.

I am far from a Nike fangirl but I use to wear New Balance, Sketchers and numerous others. Before a year was up my feet would be killing me and I’d chalk it up to I needed new shoes. Just recently threw away my first pair of Nikes because the soles were falling off of ’em A lot of love for them damn shoes but I had to get another pair. It was time. Although, I had a second pair, I liked the first ones the best.

I go through Academy each time I buy a pair of Nike’s, no different from this last time. I bought the ones in the picture. These were on sale but I’m considered cheap because I don’t pay 300 dollars for a pair of shoes. It’s not that, I wouldn’t. It’s that I’m a responsible adult for the most part and I pay my bills first.

Yes, they cost me 60$ but if anyone wants me to have 200$ Nikes, then they need to donate me a pair or leave me alone. I could still be asking you and my mama to rub my feet every day! Just set back and be grateful that the expensive ones you had that I wore one day made my feet fall in love with Nike.

Anyway, went on a tangent for a bit, didn’t I? Gained my first pair of bliss 3 years ago. Would have kept wearing them had I not came up with enough money for new ones.

Being able to put on a pair of shoes and not have to break them in, is freaking amazing. So, I guess the old adage goes – don’t knock it till you try it.

Okay, that’s a damn lie, I am not ever trying menudo.

Back to listening to Eminem.
Recovery (Deluxe Edition) – Eminem


#Nike #Shoes #CheapVsReal

Emotions getting in the way of living life to the fullest.

Emotions suck

Emotions suck!

Emotions either make you happy or sad or scared. Sometimes, they just plain ol’ get in the way of life. You can’t stop who you fall in love with or who makes you want to commit murder or one that makes you wanna do all of it but you’d miss the miserable bastard.

So, yeah, emotions have been fucking with my existence lately. On some days, it was welcomed and other days, it wasn’t worth the pain nor the anger.

Please sign me up for the old cat lady subscription, fuck love at this moment, I want to be left alone but wait come back – I want you to fucking cuddle with me first. I’m crazy and it’s hard. I have issues and I know this but damn it, I don’t drown the problems with a bottle of alcohol every night. Sometimes, I’ll go years without ever getting drunk again. Because WHY? Oh yeah, I already said it, I like my fucking money!

Of course, this shit is all my fault, I fell for a drug addict. I knew he wasn’t going to change anytime soon, hell I don’t think he’ll ever change. BUT when I became his friend and started sleeping with him, I didn’t expect to fall. Before we get to the point of saying, well you had sex with him. Quit associating sex with love. I don’t, I’m capable of sexing a guy and sending him on the way like he’s the chick. Bad reference, ladies, I know. Diablo and I didn’t have sex on day one or even day 25.

After we had sex, I’d go back to my place, not stay at my girl’s house who was unfortunately dating Diablo’s cousin at the time. Id leave because yo!, that’s what you do when its friends with benefits. You don’t get clingy with the person, you go on your way and then go drink beer together days later. BITCH, you do not start pestering people about where I’m at. None of your business, sir, I’m not your girlfriend. Remember, that was your rule. I was cool with it. So, why you wanna have me around you all the time until you met my crazy but you still come around and you took care of me. But it ain’t like that. NO other girl can call you in the middle of the night and ask for vehicle help but I can.

I have a bunch of why questions but I can’t bring myself to fucking ask you because you’re an asshole. You’re not single because you can’t deal with crazy, you deal with me like a motherfucking champion. You’re single because of the drugs and alcohol. There’s no woman alive that can match me in your life. I know this, I’m confident in that. They can try but they just wont be me! I see past your bullshit, so dear love, if you want to keep me. Clean, sober and man the fuck up.


Oops, so this went into a dear asshole letter. I just needed to vent.


PS… That cat lady box link is legit! LMAO



Hangovers suck worse than anything I can think of.

Hangovers are horrible

Hangovers are horrible!

Hangovers are quite possibly one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. A lot of us have done it. The only thing is;  I only really get tore up once every ten years and then I’m quickly reminded why I couldn’t be an alcoholic!

So, I decided to get drunk on a small portion of Jack Daniels, one of those 1 dollar bottles of fireball and then the rest was vodka! This was quite easily one of my worst hangovers ever!

It’s times like these that every drunken fool won’t believe a damn thing that is told them the next day. I only remember bits and pieces of it. I remember driving to my friend’s house to take him back to my house and he had just left the hour before.

Anyway, he made me get in the passenger seat. He being Diablo; fucker refused to let me drive home because he said it would be better for him to go to jail than me.

While I can’t share all the details of the night; I do remember laying on the dirt and I thought that part was a damn dream.

In my poor twisted my mind, I decided to go outside to vomit all of myself. So, in all this intelligent thinking, there I threw my clothes off as well. There I laid on the dirt or possibly collapsed next to my dog. My poor dog, he has seen some shit in his day!

Of the two biggest drunks in my life; only one of them got to witness what went down with me that night. Sad thing how my friend cares more about me than what these girls friend’s do. My one child could have possibly killed herself the other night for drunk driving. Brat got real goddamn lucky, only a scraped up fender and a flat tire. However, it was myself and my friend with the means and the know how to fix her flat tire.

Kudos to her sister’s friend who did give them a jack but it was a jack for a PT Cruiser not a pick up for which the drunk sister drives. In all of the people that went there before myself and my friend – none of them realized that a damn jack for a PT Cruiser would not work on GMC Sierra.

If you’re looking for the best cure for hangovers; this is what I have to share with you. Water does not work, I repeat water does not work. All the water did was make puke more of nothing, I ended up ordering pizza from Dominos. The greasy, cheesey greatness of a pan pizza solved all my hangover problems!

#Hangovers #Vodka #Dominos



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