Woo hoo. New lap top battery in. 

Finally bought a new battery and thus I will be updating more often. So excited. 

Laptop battery went to shit 

So I’ll just doing short updates until I get a new battery. 
I don’t really like using the phone app for this. 

So yeah. 
So my weight loss goal is 120 lbs. Maybe more. I’ve never been skinny so I can’t say what a good weight for me is. 

Starting 273


Just wow. Lost a friend because I think the dresses that Michelle has wore over the years are ugly. It has nothing to do with her or her husband or any other political bullshit. 

I just find a lot of the dresses she wore to be ugly. 

They’d be ugly on anyone but yet, he attacked me saying it was my hatred for her and my political stance. Also, had the audacity to say “afford or fit” – when I told him that if I could afford it I’d be a label whore. This is the truth. 

Fuck outta here with the fit crap, if I had money, my shit would be custom fitted. 

Just in shock, that he honestly believes that. It’s like dude, you don’t know me. We don’t hang out anymore. That ended when Mandy (his sister) moved to New Jersey. 

Honestly it has me upset too. 

Fit, fat, afford, can’t afford – the dresses were ugly to me. 





I haven’t been able to post because of data issues. It sucks living out in the boonies and only having two options for high speed internet. 

Love is a prick, not a bitch. It pricks into your heart and tears you open.

Prick Love

Love is a many prickly thing.


I saw this the other day and I thought to myself “that’s it, that explains love best.”. Crazy how I saw this image after I stop talking to Diablo again. This makes like 4,000th time this year; I don’t know really, I lost count. Maybe, it’s a sign – telling me to stop fucking with the prick despite the love I have for him. Seems more and more lately that’s its about him but he always tries to lay blame on me It but that’s what drug addicts and drunks do. They blame someone else for their short comings and failures in life.  It could never possibly be them, right? SmileyThat would mean they’re doing something wrong and they’re never wrong because it’s just that no one understands what they’re going through.

There are a ton of NOs in my life, right? Let’s see if I can match up some of the bullshit that would coincide with some of the shit I’ve heard from drunks and drug addicts that I just don’t understand. Molestation, not close to at least one parent, grandparents passing, and having people use me in general. Yeah, none of that made me the person I am today. OH wait, I was molested by my uncle, I rarely talk to my dad, neither grandparent is alive and just about every dumbass I’ve come in contact lately has used me. Although, the last is probably my fault because I’m not good with picking out a good dude. I’ve dated all across the board and I always end up with a scum bag. So, obviously, there’s something wrong me to a degree but damn, it can’t all be me. I don’t ask for money, I don’t sleep around, I for the most part take care of myself.  Maybe, I put too much love into something and smother it. I don’t know.

Diablo has sworn off any future relationships because of the way he is. On the other hand, he doesn’t want to be left alone most of the time. He ends up surrounding himself with useless fuckers that use him. Maybe, that’s karma’s constant ass kicking for all the abuse he’s shown towards other people.  No more kids are allowed to be born because of him and he’ll never be in a relationship ever again. Sounds like someone fucked him over good. Granted, a large portion of that wall is him protecting whatever woman he’s screwing over at the time. Do what you want he says. Let him find out the girl is hanging with another dude and the jealousy comes out.

He just showed jealousy over some guy I work with; the guy is damn near SIXTY!  One way ticket to get me hot and bothered! One, eww, I can’t even imagine doing anything with him. Two, the blackheads are the size of pencil erasers. BARF! Yeah, I want to get up all on that. GROSS! The guy is indeed my friend but that’s it. I just can’t imagine doing anything else other than bullshitting with him. So yeah, Diablo if you read this, seek professional help for your grand delusions.


#Love #Diablo

More pictures for your viewing pleasure!

I felt like crap most of the day, felt tired and ran down. Of course, it probably had something to do with the damn stress from yesterdays events. Was gonna go have a coke or a coffee with a friend but I blew it off. Now, I’m wide the fuck awake and doing a blog post at 1 in the morning. Oh wait; is that 2 AM sneaking up on me. Now I set and wait for so me pictures to come through to my email from my phone. Don’t judge my weirdness. lol GO ahead, I don’t care.

So, I’m gonna include some pictures I took yesterday and some within the last year.
Pictures - Diablo Butterfly

One of many pictures I’ve taken of insects but this is by far my favorite.

The picture of the butterfly was taken at Diablo’s place last year when I was his employee or I should say I was the damn CEO. I answered the phone calls, I talked to the clients and still went to location with him. He has the skills, I have the clerical know how to create personalized receipts, t-shirt designs and all that in crap but I was useless.

Anyway, this little guy landed on his fence and caught my eye. I had to take a picture and the crazy thing is – here lately all I see are butterflies. It’s fucking crazy.

During the bullshit going on with the CPS; a butterfly landed in my ear! Weirdest shit ever but I know it’s those girls nana trying to tell me something but I don’t know what.







Pictures - Chem Trail.

Picture of the sky after a plane went through the clouds – leaving it’s streak across the sky.

I took this picture yesterday while outside talking to my friend’s stepdad about the current situation at hand. I also took an picture of a cacti and let me tell you, it’s amazing! However, I’m saving that one for a different post because it’s oh so fitting!



















Rocky – I have no idea what he is but I do not believe what I was told of Min Pin and Chihuahua.

Last but definitely not least, a picture of my Rocky. Loser keeps my days going and sometimes my nights. I cant forget the drunken night I decided to throw up all over myself, strip naked and lay on the ground with my dog.



I take random photos of anything and everything.



I enjoy taking photos of everything. Rather those photos be of myself, the sky, my dog or my friend hanging with my grandbabies. So, take for instance, the first photo here. I used the snapchat app to take this photo, so of course, my skin looks flawless and and my lips look perfect as well! LOL Far from my make up skills! Anyway, the shades though, I love those shades. Those shades are awesome and I want them. Thanks a lot snapchat for either your vivid imagination or no shoutout to the makers!

As for the wonder woman panties photo. I so feel like I’m suppose to be wonder woman to some people and which some days, it’s quite nice that people perceive me is the savior of mankind but other days, it’s just down right exhausting. Right now, I’m setting here scared to death that my best friend’s grandbabies from one child is going to be taken by CPS because she wants to act a fool and not listen to anyone. Luckily, she has said that they could go with her mother until she’s done being a fool.

Listen ladies who are single with kids, drugs are bad! They can cause you to lose your children for good and if you love your children, you probably want to keep them babies. So instead of turning to drugs. Take more photos, take walks with the kids or something. Just because you’re hurting, doesn’t mean destroy their small fragile lives.



Pictures - Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Panties

I just hope the visit from CPS is enough to wake her up and forces her to change her ways. Fingers are crossed that my friend comes up with the money to get to Texas to get the babies because lord knows, I don’t have it. If I did, I would have already sent it. If the strip clubs had chunk and roll night, I’d be there tonight getting that money together.

Again, I went off subject but it’s been boiling my blood since I woke up. I will be so angry if these kids end up in foster homes. I have friends that had dealt with that shit when they were younger – not all but a lot were not good environments.

It’s so sad, that the good ones get grouped in with the bad because all they want to do is help a child. From my experience with friends that have had to be in them, the bad outnumbers the good.




Sunset through the windshield. 



Just a photo I took the other day while working. All of my photos of late are taken with my iPhone as I no longer have a digital camera or a stand alone camera of any kind. 

Anyways, not a long winded post tonight. Yesterday’s responsibilities have made me tired. 😂 

I tell you, this getting old crap is not any fun. 

Hope everyone had a good Halloween 👻!

Verizon Wireless losing money. Oh! the tragedy of it all!

verizon wireless

Verizon Wireless


My cellphone provider is Verizon Wireless, I’ve been a loyal customer since 2010 or so. I doubt I’ll change anytime soon but it would be nice to see these fuckers go back to offering UNLIMITED data! Take my unlimited calling; just give me mobile to mobile for up 10 numbers. That’s it and that’s all. I don’t need unlimited minutes to talk to people; shit, I’ll make a motherfucker get on yahoo messenger! I’d rather have unlimited data for the 300$ I spend a month. Oh wait, that pay out plan for the iPhone 7 is part of that problem, but whatever.

Point being is, it was Alltel before Verizon Wireless bought my beloved Alltel out, I had unlimited data. I’ve always only had to talk to a hand full of people. I don’t need unlimited minutes now or anytime in the future. Really, why can’t you bastards just offer unlimited everything?!? Quit acting like y’all are putting out huge sums of money for server space, you can create your own. Your fault if you want to barter with cable companies for downloading. Thank god, my shit goes through Cableone now instead of suddenlink.

Anyway, yeah, so they lost money this quarter. Are you shocked? When T-Mobile started offering UNLIMITED DATA. What was that? Oh yeah, unlimited data! Let me find out my friend switches to unlimited data, I’m stealing his phone because I’m locked down until my phone is paid off!

I’m tempted to drop you bastards, the only strangle hold you fucks have over me is my mom and best friend are on my account. Otherwise, I would have probably went to T-Mobile my damn self!

Get with the times, no body wants to talk to each other. Shit, you got motherfuckers breaking up through text and not in person. That’s some crazy shit, right there. I am old fashion in that sense, you better do that shit to my face.


To read more about Verizon Wireless’s misery :


Diablo is loyatly, even if I want to hurt him part of the time.

Diablo 2016




If any of you fools ever stumble across this and if I haven’t gotten in your face about this. This is something you need to learn, right now for good. Diablo is loyalty! Does not matter how we’re fighting, how much he sucks at the moment. If I need him in a way that I can’t help myself; he’s here. I just have to show up at the door and yes, the level of drug use depends on how he will react. I know this and understand that. HOWEVER, if I question him on anything, he doesn’t lie!

I asked about the doped up brother saying he’s been knowing Diablo for a while and that he’s a good dude. D told me he saw him on the south side and that dopey wanted a ride. So, you seen him at the mobile home we all use to live at. You saw him once on the south side and another time with me. Rest of the times have been here at the fucked up compound. That doesn’t make you two fucking homies and give D a reason to lie to me.

Same goes for him being in the damn house, he asked if ya needed help L. You twisted what it was and I’m not surprised there. Quit talking shit about him. He’s the one helping you fuckers out. A bunch of who questions come to mind like. Who did the following? Plugged a tire, changed a rotor and brake pads, popped a tire back onto the rim with power steering fluid***. Almost forgot, took the fucked up wheel well trim off. Let me think about that for a second.

OH FUCK, that’s right, that was my friend.

Talk shit about me, I don’t care, go ahead. You can’t ask the fucker anything on your own unless I had already mentioned it. Everything that goes on with y’alls vehicles comes from me, not anyone else. No one else can ask for him help.

Diablo’s honest to a default about shit, I know shit about him that I wish to God, I didn’t. Some of the shit he could have taken to the motherfucking grave. I didn’t need to know. Save the very violent stories of being a drug dealer for someone else.

Point being, don’t lie to me about him. HE always tells me what’s up; either in a nice manner or an “I’m going to fucking kill you, if you don’t get out of my face.” manner.

Diablo will never try to sleep with any of you girls. You all have kids, it’s out the damn question. Besides all that, you’re all too young for him. His stupid cousin tried to hook up with one of y’alls roommates, he told him no. Then told me the story.  I can ask him which high he’s on at the moment. He tells me – either weed or crack high. I can’t always tell over the phone which one it is. I asked him tonight on the phone because I didn’t understand the gibberish he sent me through txt. He told me weed and that’s what I thought it was. Of course, I know, had it been crack. He wouldn’t have ever answered the damn phone, let alone return the phone call. If he’s coming down, he’ll respond sometimes.


QUIT thinking he’s going to lie to me.

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